Nova join (take 2)

Rich Megginson started a project in the Openstack Nova service to enable automatic IPA enrollment when an instance is created. I extended this to add support for metadata and pushed it into github as novajoin,

This used a hooks function within nova to allow one to extend certain functions (like add, delete, networking) etc. Unfortunately this was not well documented, nor apparently well-used, and the nova team wasn’t too keen on allowing full access to all nova internals, so they killed it.

The successor is an extension of the metadata plugin system, vendordata:

The idea is to allow one to inject custom metadata dynamically over a REST call.

IPA will provide a vendordata REST service that will create a host on demand and return the OTP for that host in the metadata. Enrollment will continue to happen via a cloud-init script which fetches the metadata to get the OTP.

A separate service will listen on notifications to capture host delete events.

I’m still working on networking as there isn’t a clear line which IP should be associated with a given hostname, and when. In other words, there is still a lot of handwaving going on.

I haven’t yet pushed the new source yet but I’m going to use the same project after I tag the current bits. There is no point continuing development of the hooks-based approach since nova will kill it after the Newton release.


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