FreeIPA, mod_nss and OCSP

I was messing around today on my IPA master and decided to enable OCSP. I set NSSOCP on in nss.conf and restarted and Apache failed to start after quite a long timeout.

After an embarrassingly long pause myself I figured out what the problem was: the IPA master is itself the OCSP responder and since it is proxies requests to dogtag there is a chicken and egg problem.

I worked around it by using the default responder settings in mod_nss ala:

NSSOCSPDefaultResponder on
NSSOCSPDefaultName ocsp

I also had to add the OCSP signing cert to my Apache database:

# certutil -L -d /var/lib/pki-ca/alias/ -n 'ocspSigningCert cert-pki-ca' -a > /tmp/ocsp.pem
# certutil -A -d /etc/httpd/alias -t C,, -n ocsp -a -i /tmp/ocsp.pem

Now it starts ok. It starts because it is talking directly to the CA instead of trying to talk to itself before it is up.

There is still a rather major problem though: this would fail to start on boot because Apache is configured to start before dogtag. So yet another chicken and egg problem. I’ve no easy solution for this just yet.

As a funny side note, the first time I started httpd after configuring the default responder it still didn’t start because the server cert had been revoked!? I’ve had this toy master around for a while, who knows what I’ve done to it. I resubmitted the cert request using certmonger and got a new cert and then it started just fine.

This also assumes that the CA resides on the local box. It means I don’t need to punch any holes through firewalls to make this port available to my master.

This also wouldn’t survive a renewal of the OCSP signing cert. I’d have to manually re-add the updated cert to the Apache NSS database.


I’m pretty sure my original post was against an IPA 3.x server. I had a 4.2.x server lying around so I double-checked the instructions and it still works but the OCSP port needs to be changed from 9180 to 8080:


2 thoughts on “FreeIPA, mod_nss and OCSP”

  1. I am getting “Unable to set OCSP default responder nickname” in httpd error log

    What is wrong with settings ? I have done configuration similar to you.


    1. I’m guessing your nickname is wrong. There should have been a log line after this one with an NSS error code, that might be illuminating as well.


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