Attributes in the Ipsilon SSSD info plugin

A SAML assertion may contain attributes about the authenticated user. In Ipsilon these are provided by info plugins. One such plugin retrieves this information from SSSD in conjunction with the Apache mod_lookup_identity plugin. SSSD provides the attributes to mod_lookup_identity when the user authenticates. These are made into environment variables by mod_lookup_identity and added to the SAML Assertion by Ipsilon.

The infosssd plugin must be enabled for this to work and it is only user-configurable at install time currently because root is needed to modify the SSSD and Apache configuration files.

The data flow is: SSSD -> mod_lookup_identity -> env variables -> Ipsilon -> Assertion

The list of attributes is far from being user-configurable as of Ipsilon 1.0: the current list of attributes is hardcoded.

This is what the server installer adds to sssd.conf which defines what attributes to provide to mod_lookup_identity:

ldap_user_extra_attrs =  mail, street, locality, postalCode, telephoneNumber, givenname, sn

services = nss, pam, ssh, ifp

allowed_uids = apache, root
user_attributes = +mail, +street, +locality, +postalCode, +telephoneNumber, +givenname, +sn

Apache has related configuration to make the SSSD values available as environment variables to Ipsilon:

<Location /idp>
  LookupUserAttr locality REMOTE_USER_STATE
  LookupUserAttr street REMOTE_USER_STREET
  LookupUserAttr telephoneNumber REMOTE_USER_TELEPHONENUMBER
  LookupUserAttr givenname REMOTE_USER_FIRSTNAME
  LookupUserAttr mail REMOTE_USER_EMAIL
  LookupUserAttr postalCode REMOTE_USER_POSTALCODE
  LookupUserGroupsIter REMOTE_USER_GROUP

Finally, the infosssd plugin has a mapping from these environment variables into the internal attribute naming conventions:

sssd_mapping = [
    ['REMOTE_USER_GECOS', 'fullname'],
    ['REMOTE_USER_EMAIL', 'email'],
    ['REMOTE_USER_FIRSTNAME', 'givenname'],
    ['REMOTE_USER_LASTNAME', 'surname'],
    ['REMOTE_USER_STREET', 'street'],
    ['REMOTE_USER_STATE', 'state'],
    ['REMOTE_USER_POSTALCODE', 'postcode'],

On top of this, the common Info mapping code has its own hardcoded list of  possible attributes:

        self.standard_attributes = {
            'fullname': 'Full Name',
            'nickname': 'Nickname',
            'surname': 'Last Name',
            'firstname': 'First Name',
            'title': 'Title',
            'dob': 'Date of Birth',
            'email': 'E-mail Address',
            'gender': 'Gender',
            'postcode': 'Postal Code',
            'street': 'Street Address',
            'state': 'State or Province',
            'country': 'Country',
            'phone': 'Telephone Number',
            'language': 'Language',
            'timezone': 'Time Zone',

These are the places one would need to change if one wanted to add an additional attribute to the mapping.


  • A reload of Apache is required after changing an Ipsilon python file
  • Direct changes to Ipsilon python files will be lost on updates

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